Israel's Netanyahu departs for United States trip amid corruption investigation

  • Israel's Netanyahu departs for United States trip amid corruption investigation

Israel's Netanyahu departs for United States trip amid corruption investigation

Donald Trump floated a fraught trip to open the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, as the embattled U.S. president hosted Israel's equally embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House Monday.

Moving the USA embassy from Tel Aviv is controversial because Palestinians also consider Jerusalem their capital.

Hefetz was arrested two weeks ago on suspicion of helping promote regulation worth hundreds of millions of dollars to Israel's Bezeq telecom company in return for favorable coverage of Netanyahu and his family by the company's popular news website. He'll be looking for "something more than a statement", he said. The opening of the USA embassy is planned for May.

"Mr. President, this will be remembered by our people throughout the ages", Netanyahu said during a meeting with the president in the Oval Office.

"Last night a state's witness deal was signed between the Investigations, Intelligence and Commerce Monitoring Divisions at the Israel Securities Authority and the Israel Police National Economic Crime Unit. and Nir Hefetz", a police statement released by the Justice Ministry said.

"We will discuss Iranian aggression in our region in general and especially with regard to the Iranian nuclear program". It'll be up to the attorney general to decide whether Netanyahu gets indicted.

Both he and Trump, who's dealing with the Russian Federation investigation, say they're not concerned.

Tensions between Israel and Iran have increased in recent months, with the downing of an Israeli warplane by Syria and following the interception of an Iranian drone over Israel. "It's a bonding thing".

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has arrived at the White House for meetings with President Donald Trump.

A proposed State Department budget for the fiscal year starting October 1 said "the construction of a U.S. Embassy facility in Jerusalem will be among the Department's highest priority for capital security investments in FY 2018 and FY 2019".

"This is a victory lap for both of them", said David Makovsky, a former member of the Obama's Mideast negotiating team.

He said that work on the peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians continued, but he did not have any updates to announce.

"I'm hoping that the Trump administration, who has been a great ally of Israel, has unleashed our military against ISIL, will look longer and harder in cooperation with the global community to stop what I think is a risky advancement by Iran throughout the region", said Graham.

Both Trump and Netanyahu entered their White House meeting under heavy political pressure domestically. "I think we're as close now as maybe ever before".

The premier is expected to undergo another interrogation after he returns from his visit to the US, Haaretz reported.

The Palestinians, meanwhile, said Trump's decision on Jerusalem renders the United States an unreliable actor in peace talks.

Meantime, a deep divide over Israel and the Palestinians has emerged in the US. Palestinians and other critics insist it will be dead on arrival. "If they don't, you don't have peace. and that's a possibility also". One reason for the downgrade was that officials in Israel and at least three other countries privately discussed ways to manipulate Kushner, a foreign policy neophyte who is Trump's son-in-law, the Washington Post reported.