Winter storm to slam the Northeast

  • Winter storm to slam the Northeast

Winter storm to slam the Northeast

On the East coast of the United States because of the powerful storm has already killed nine people.

A massive nor'easter pummeling the East Coast is responsible for at least seven deaths. A 25-year-old man in CT, a 57-year-old Pennsylvania man and a 37-year-old MA man were killed when trees fell on their vehicles Friday.

On Friday a six-year-old boy in Virginia and an 11-year-old boy in NY state were killed after winds brought down trees onto their homes.

Dubbed Winter Storm Riley, the weather event also developed into a "bomb cyclone", a phenomenon that comes when atmospheric pressure drops by 24 millibars over a 24-hour period, thus intensifying the storm and risk for coastal flooding.

Uprooted tree on 509 Grigsby near 511 property line took down power lines from 501/503 pole to 511. Air and Rail service across the Northeast was impacted significantly with delays and cancellations.

Amtrak, which had temporarily suspended service between Washington and Boston, resumed modified service in the Northeast corridor by Saturday morning and said they are scheduled to be fully operational on Sunday. More than 1,800 people alerted Scituate officials they had evacuated, The Boston Globe reported.

Several communities in MA are completely in the dark Saturday morning. The record tide will be caused by a combination of about 5 feet of storm surge, astronomical high tides, high waves, and long-term sea level rise.

Cynthia Creighton's son was in her auto when a neighbor's tree fell on top of the vehicle in Watertown, Massachusetts. Coastlines in MA and southern NY saw high tide flooding over the weekend, with streets in downtown Boston flooded to almost historic highs. Forecasts now call for water levels to reach 15.4 inches, which would surpass the all-time record high set in January. A winter storm headed up the eastern seacoast is projected to bring rain, winds up to 60 miles per hour (95 kph) and extreme high tides.

The high water receded in the afternoon, but the National Weather Service said Boston could face renewed flooding with another high tide around midnight on Friday.

More record-setting high tides might strike Boston Harbor on Saturday during the midday high tide. The storm brought to the coastal areas of snow and freezing rain.

In New York, more than 1,000 flights, both domestic and global, were already cancelled at Newark, LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy airports, leaving many travellers stranded.

A nor'easter hit the East Coast on Friday, bringing coastal flooding, heavy snow and strong winds to the area.

Snow and rain will likely wind down by early Saturday morning, but it will likely stay very wind throughout Saturday. State emergency officials urged residents of coastal areas that regularly flood during storms to seek higher ground.