Gazprom actions put transit to Europe at significant risk - Ukrtransgaz

  • Gazprom actions put transit to Europe at significant risk - Ukrtransgaz

Gazprom actions put transit to Europe at significant risk - Ukrtransgaz

The court didn't uphold Gazprom's claim against Naftogaz, amounting to $7 million, for illegally siphoning off gas that was going through Ukraine on transit to Western Europe, says Kommersant.

"Gazprom's irresponsible actions in recent days are creating significant risks to the provision of uninterrupted transport of gas to both European and domestic consumers", Ukrtransgaz said on Twitter.

Gazprom had meant to resume gas supplies to Ukraine for the first time since late 2015 when Kiev started buying gas from Europe to try to cut its energy dependence on Moscow.

The current gas shortage in Ukraine is equal to one-tenth of its daily consumption, according to Reuters calculations.

The European Union voiced concern on Friday that a dispute between Ukraine and Russian Federation over gas supplies could affect transit to the bloc, saying it stood ready to mediate in the dispute.

Kobolyev said the contract needs to be reviewed and that "Naftogaz intends to suggest negotiations with Gazprom to this effect shortly".

Ukraine receives 2.3% of its GDP from gas transit services, Yuriy Vitrenko, chief commercial officer for Naftogaz Ukrainy, told delegates at the Ukrainian Energy Forum in Kiev on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Stockholm arbitration ordered Gazprom to pay 2.56 billion United States dollars for the transit contract with Naftogaz Ukraine, but the Russian giant disagreed with this court ruling and announced its intention to "protect its rights in line with the legislation it adopted".

It noted the tribunal rejected the appeal by Naftogaz to increase the gas transit tariff and amend the contract to comply with Ukrainian law, suggesting a negotiation would be on the table.

"The same Gasprom's gas supplied to Germany".

The March deliveries would have been the first time Ukraine bought gas from Russian Federation since November 2015, when it started buying gas from Europe via so-called reverse flows to try to cut its energy dependency on Moscow.

The Stockholm court ruled that Gazprom should pay about $ 4.7 bln to Naftogaz (taking into account the satisfied counter claims, Gazprom has to pay $ 2.56 bln). "However, Gazprom has an opportunity to pay this sum right now from the accumulated funds", Sputnik quoted Dmitry Marinchenko, the Fitch Ratings head of natural resources and commodities, as saying.