Vikings say Dalvin Cook could return in time for OTAs this spring

  • Vikings say Dalvin Cook could return in time for OTAs this spring

Vikings say Dalvin Cook could return in time for OTAs this spring

Keenum, Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford all took snaps for the Vikings last season.

But the Vikings are slated to pick 30th overall in the 2018 NFL Draft, so landing one of the top rookies, such as Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold or others, is looking quite grim. "The one thing we have to be careful about with Dalvin is, you know, we don't wear him out".

Bradford, not Bridgewater, was trusted as Keenum's backup during the playoffs, despite Bradford's degenerative knee.

"It's important for myself and Rick [Spielman] and the organization that we pick the right guy that is going to help us to continue to move forward", Zimmer said. Sam Bradford started the season for the Vikings, but he was out of the lineup by Week Two with yet another knee injury.

After losing Robinson early in the 2017 regular season, the Jaguars' receiving options were limited, which hurt the team more than expected.

Zimmer said the team is in the process of trying to answer questions regarding all three quarterbacks now on the Vikings' roster.

Word at the combine is the Vikings would like to retain free agent Tom Johnson, last year's starting defensive tackle, but in a reduced role.

Cousins has been with the Redskins since they selected him in the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft. While no one expects Minnesota to draft a signal-caller, an National Football League world post-draft will likely clarify who will be manning the helm behind center next season for the Vikings. After placing a franchise tag on Cousins last season, paying him almost $24 million, the Redskins signaled the end of his time in Washington when they traded for Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith.

We have tried to show in recent weeks that it is possible to build a complete team that is not so quarterback-driven, but the QB position will always occupy a general manager's mind. "But he think he's trying to get better...he's just going about it the wrong way".

Of Keenum, who led the Vikings to the NFC North title last season and helped them advance to the NFC Championship Game, Spielman said, "He has a knack for making plays and he made a lot of big plays for us".

With Washington's acquisition of Alex Smith from the Kansas City Chiefs, that all but spells the end of Cousins on the team. The front office is a precarious spot with all three of their options under center set to hit the free agent market.

"It's his history of being hurt", Zimmer said. What I don't want to do is say 'Okay, this is just one thing.

Bridgewater suffered a near-catastrophic knee injury on August 30, 2016, during a late preseason practice at Winter Park. "We'll see. We've still got some time". "I'm glad it's going on because the quarterback cannot have pressure, but if it doesn't have [a pocket] to step into, what's the point?" "This kid is a great competitor".

"We have to go back a lot with Teddy on what he's done in the past, him as a person, his work ethic, all those things".