Venezuela presidential election postponed to May

  • Venezuela presidential election postponed to May

Venezuela presidential election postponed to May

"Some 74 percent of Venezuelans want elections", he said.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro gestures as he talks to the media during a news conference in Caracas, Venezuela, Feb. 15, 2018.

President Nicolas Maduro, who officially reigsitred Tuesday his candidacy for the April 22 presidential elections, announced new social programs next month to relief the Venezuelan people, including the "Humanized Delivery" health program, the delivery of three million socialist cards and 200,000 additional pensions. Maduro to postpone the vote and provide other conditions.

The government has already alienated the main opposition, the same one that won the National Assembly legislative (the one recognized by the U.S.) by a landslide in 2015 and it is very unlikely that a one month delay would persuade MUD to reenter the contest, particularly after Lucenas pointed disinvite Thursday.

Conspiracy theorists suggested that Henri Falcón, a former soldier and once a supporter of the left-wing government, was in league with Mr Maduro, perhaps agreeing to give credibility to the election.

"Sadly, Falcon succumbed to the temptation of participating and playing the dictatorship's game", said Juan Pablo Guanipa, a leader in Capriles' Justice First party.

The Venezuelan government rescheduled the presidential elections to the second fortnight of May after an agreement with some opposition parties.

The sanctions are reportedly still under discussion, and could be implemented both before and after the election.

The CNE said the poll would now be held on 20 May.

"Venezuelans want to get rid of Maduro, but not by killing each other in the streets", he said, also speaking at the election board in downtown Caracas.

Despite statements from parties in the Democratic Unity Roundtable, or MUD, coalition that they would not take part in the upcoming elections, the Venezuelan president called on the opposition to challenge him and ignore instructions coming from the United States. He told Reuters he may pull out if guarantees are not given.

Maduro says Venezuela's election system is clean, and accuses the United States of leading a right-wing worldwide conspiracy to end socialism and take over his nation's oil.