Silicon Valley's White Male Panic Takes Root at Google

  • Silicon Valley's White Male Panic Takes Root at Google

Silicon Valley's White Male Panic Takes Root at Google

The Wall Street Journal said that Wilberg's coworkers corroborated his story and said that Youtube's hiring initiatives were minority quota based and that some recruiters complained that this practice was unfair. He also alleged that late previous year, management deleted emails and other digital records of diversity requirements.

Google says they will fight the lawsuit and their hiring processes favour the merit of the candidates over their identities.

He also alleges Google subjected him "to unsubstantiated performance reviews, performance criticisms and [terminated] his employment". Four years of his career were with YouTube, which is owned by Google, as a recruiter.

The lawsuit, filed in January in California's San Mateo County Superior Court, alleges that Wilberg took his concerns about the company's hiring practices to human resources; a decision that led to his termination in November 2017.

Google is YouTube's parent company. The company is now facing a Federal complaint filed by the National Labor Relations Board in April for interfering with employees' legal right to discuss "workplace diversity and social justice initiatives.' The complaint alleges that Senior Vice President Urs Holzle and numerous managers in his organization actively stoked up witch hunts in 2015 and 2016 meant to muzzle low-level employees who raised concerns about the company's practices". Miley tweeted. "Save me the dogwhistle lawsuits and fake indignation". Miley did not respond to questions from WIRED, but in years past he has said that quotas do not create a level playing field.

The lawsuit also claimed that Google "discriminated against employees for their perceived conservative political views", as well as their "Caucasian race" and "male gender".

Although Google initially fought not to disclose the demographic makeup of its workforce, the company was the first big company in Silicon Valley to release an annual diversity report, which is now common practice among tech firms.

The lawsuit follows a similar action by James Damore, a former Google engineer who rose to prominence after sending an internal memo criticizing Google's diversity practices and defending the gender gap. In a way, Google even popularized the idea of transparency around diversity numbers as a defensive tactic against claims about systemic inequality. Managers then reportedly deleted all emails about diversity goals in an attempt to hide them from any further scrutiny. Although he maintains that Google favored minorities, Wilberg declares that "one recruiter told her peers that she felt the way the team talked about black people in team meetings was like we were talking about black slaves as slave traders on a ship".