North Korea threatens to 'counter' U.S. over military drills with the South

  • North Korea threatens to 'counter' U.S. over military drills with the South

North Korea threatens to 'counter' U.S. over military drills with the South

"I would bet that these coins are being turned into something - currency or physical goods - that are supporting North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile program", Moriuchi told Vox.

The United States is due to start joint military exercises with South Korea in early April, a South Korean presidential security adviser said this week according to Yonhap news agency - the latest in a series of military drills that North Korea regards as a threat.

South Korean envoys have visited North Korea in the past, including Kim Man Bok, then director general of South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS), who traveled to Pyongyang with a personal letter from the president in August 2007 ahead of South-North talks in October that year.

The Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang last month gave a boost to recent engagement between the two Koreas after sharply rising tensions over North Korea's missile programme.

The U.S. government welcomes the South-North dialogue, but refuses to negotiate with Pyongyang unless talks are premised on the North's denuclearization.

"President Trump and President Moon noted their firm position that any dialogue with North Korea must be conducted with the explicit and unwavering goal of complete, verifiable, and irreversible denuclearisation", it said in a readout.

Report Accuses North Korea Of Fueling Syria's Chemical Weapons Program A leaked United Nations report gives details on the arms North Korea has sold to Syria, despite sanctions.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga emphatically said at a press conference Friday: "Close cooperation among Japan, the United States and South Korea is extremely important".

Pyongyang also said on Saturday that it is willing to have talks with the United States, but that it rejects Washington's demands that it must first demonstrate willingness to denuclearize.

The latest USA intelligence assessment about North Korea's nuclear ballistic missile program judges that Kim Jong Un's regime has continued to make progress on improving the guidance of their missiles that would allow them to hit specific targets, according to an administration official with knowledge of the assessment.

China delayed a USA request for a United Nations Security Council committee to blacklist 33 ships, 27 shipping companies, and a Taiwan man for violating global sanctions on North Korea, diplomats said on Friday.