Korea hinting at willingness for negotiation talks

  • Korea hinting at willingness for negotiation talks

Korea hinting at willingness for negotiation talks

"To imply that Ambassador Yun is the only one who is capable of handling North Korea would simply be wrong", Nauert said.

Yun traveled to Pyongyang in June to negotiate the release of American college student Otto Warmbier, who died after returning home, in the first North Korean visit by a USA official under President Donald Trump.

Kang was addressing the UN Human Rights Council a day after the Olympic Winter Games closed in her country.

Kim Yong Chol, vice chairman of the Workers' Party Central Committee who visited South Korea for the Pyeongchang Olympics, held talks with South Korean President Moon Jae In, and said the North has "ample intentions of holding talks with the United States".

Kang had stressed the need for continued pressure on the North to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

Washington has said repeatedly that any talks must be aimed at North Korea giving up its nuclear weapons, something North Korea has rejected.

Mr Yun's sudden departure adds to uncertainty over the Trump administration's policy towards Pyongyang, which has started to engage with Seoul for the first time in years, and which indicated at the weekend that the door was open for dialogue with Washington.

Asked whether there would be any consequences for Russia's action, Sanders replied: "I'm not going to weigh in ahead of time and we certainly have never broadcast what we might do, but it's something the president does take very seriously".

The North has not tested a nuclear device or ballistic missile for months.

On Monday, Mr. Trump noted Pyongyang's willingness to talk, but didn't say the US would accept the offer.

The February 23, 2018 expansion of USA sanctions targeting North Korea is the latest step in the U.S. "maximum pressure" campaign to isolate North Korea economically and to force individuals and entities around the world to choose between doing business with North Korea or doing business with the United States. But the departure of Yun, an advocate of dialogue, could spur a shift in USA policy.

Yun told South Korea's Yonhap news agency he was "very hopeful about talks".

Trump is determined to stop Kim's government perfecting a nuclear-tipped missile that can strike the USA mainland.

The February 23, 2018 global shipping advisory released alongside the sanctions designations flags what it says are "significant sanctions" risks to people who enable shipments of goods to and from North Korea, including related businesses, such as insurers, flag registries, shipping companies and financial institutions. Phase two may be a very rough thing.

The North insists that talks should occur without preconditions.

China responded angrily Saturday to the new sanctions, maintaining they are counterproductive to efforts to halt Pyongyang's nuclear and long-range missile development programs. "Otherwise we're not talking", he said.