Students make emotional return to Florida school after shooting

  • Students make emotional return to Florida school after shooting

Students make emotional return to Florida school after shooting

Mr Trump is scheduled to meet with a group of 17 senators and representatives from both parties later on Wednesday for a discussion on background checks and other proposals later on Wednesday, the White House said.

'He surprised me, ' Democratic Senator Chris Murphy later told AFP.

The difference is not the latest gun massacre, which killed 17 students and teachers February 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were under attack by a 19-year-old shooter armed with an AR-15, an assault-style weapon.

Dozens of parents could be seen personally escorting their children to school, Wednesday morning.

According to WPTV, Harrison retrieved her bag from the same classroom where three students were killed: Alyssa Alhadeff, Alex Schachter and Alaina Petty.

The students who left school property and did not return were given one-day suspensions, district communication specialist Nancy Norman told The Arizona Republic.

'It's pretty upsetting, ' said the 14-year-old Miller.

Standing with them are thousands of students across the country who, like the students at Stoneman Douglas, are exhausted of feeling unsafe in their schools.

Police were on scene Wednesday morning to guide students back into the sprawling campus. It'll just be about kind of getting the school routine going again.

"We understand it is extremely hard for our kids today".

"I think it is in our best interests for us to come together to grieve", Lo said. "I feel like it s more protected than any other school at this point".

Law enforcement agencies have been criticized for not heeding warnings that the suspected gunman, former student Nikolas Cruz, was risky. We should listen. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas survivors are typical students who have been tossed into an extraordinary situation.

"I'm emotional every second of the day, so going there - I felt, I liked going there, to tell you the truth, because I got to see kids going back to school", he said.

And that's an agenda we can all support.

Kelly traveled to Tallahassee earlier this month to meet with the Parkland students and to share his experiences as they staged protests at the statehouse.

Macon County Schools had additional support services and counselors on hand after the Parkland shooting and these incidents for students and faculty.

"What happens when they go?" In a couple of days or weeks when it gets back to normal?

"I really, really study what the victims are saying and what the victims say that happened", said Joe Hendry, national trainer for ALICE Training Institute.

The officers were there to send a message that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is now one of the safest schools in America.

Republican lawmakers, with majorities in the US Congress and the Florida legislature, have been cool on bringing in major reforms on the sales of firearms.

The resolution also expressed strong support for students from Parkland, who are helping to organize a rally along Pennsylvania Avenue on March 24 and urges the community to participate in that rally.

Dick's CEO Edward Stack said Cruz had purchased a shotgun at one of his stores in November and although it wasn't the gun used in the shooting, the chain would no longer sell semi-automatic weapons.

"We know how lucky we are", said Brooke's mom, Denise Harrison.

Andrew Pollack - the father of 18-year-old victim Meadow, accompanied by his therapy dog Sunny - said he was determined to be the "face of the last father of a murdered kid".

"I think it's very clear to see that the student body is very fed up with the way things have been", he said.