REI halts future orders from gun conglomerate

  • REI halts future orders from gun conglomerate

REI halts future orders from gun conglomerate

Popular outdoor retail chain REI is the latest company to distance itself from the gun industry by placing a hold on future orders of products like CamelBak water bottles, Camp Chef portable grills, and Giro helmets. "Although Running Room does not sell or condone the sale of firearms or ammunitions like some large multi-branded retailers, we do sell brands that are owned by a corporation that has holdings in the manufacture of assault-style weapons", the Running Room statement reads.

Vista owns a number of top outdoor recreation brands, including CamelBak, Giro and Bell.

Sarah Latha, who launched the petition, says it collected more than 50,000 signatures. "We believe that it is the job of companies that manufacture and sell guns and ammunition to work towards common sense solutions that prevent the type of violence that happened in Florida last month", REI's statement said.

"This week, we have been in active discussions with Vista Outdoor, which has recently acquired several companies that are longtime partners of REI". He acknowledged some customers felt the company should let them decide whether to buy from certain brands.

"This morning we learned that Vista does not plan to make a public statement that outlines a clear plan of action", the statement continued. Mr. Labistour noted that sentiments on this issue were scattered, but the majority of MEC members wanted the co-op to cut ties with Vista Outdoor.

In a news release, MEC CEO David Labistour said that effective immediately, stock from Bollé, Bushnell, CamelBak, Camp Chef and Jimmy Styks products will be allowed to sell out on store shelves, and will not be re-ordered. "We encourage Vista to do just that".

Mountain Equipment Co-op said Thursday it is dropping brands linked to Vista Outdoor Inc. amid mounting public outcry that it stop selling names connected to the major USA gun maker. Still, it chose to stop carrying several popular products, because their corporate owner was in the guns business.

The debate about Vista Outdoor has been heated.

MEC's announcement comes on the same day that U.S. grocer Kroger said its Fred Meyer stores would ban gun sales to customers under the age of 21.

Mr. Labistour said MEC doesn't have any control of the issue, but the co-op's decision-making could have a small influence on a conversation around the need for greater gun control. A major concern for the boycott centers around the incorrect assumption that the purchase of any of our products may support a cause that does not fit the mission/values of our brand.

Vista Outdoor's business is divided into two branches: One side is dedicated to outdoor products; the other branch is dedicated to "shooting sports", which generates 54 percent of the company's external sales revenue, according to its annual report. Our passion and love for the outdoors is unchanged. We've also heard from members who believe that purchasing decisions like these should be left to individual consumers and that MEC should not get involved.