Artists put Weinstein in a bathrobe and on a casting couch

  • Artists put Weinstein in a bathrobe and on a casting couch

Artists put Weinstein in a bathrobe and on a casting couch

The phrase "casting couch", used to describe the demand of sexual favors for work, may seem a relic of a bygone era but is "still very much a part of the Hollywood culture", he said.

It depicts the disgraced media titan sitting on a "casting couch", wearing a silk robe and holding an Oscar, a scene reminiscent from so numerous allegation against him. It shows Weinstein seated regally atop a couch with an Oscar in hand.

Weinstein has been shunned from the Hollywood community since reports of sexual harassment and abuse emerged a year ago.

The life-sized Weinstein sculpture was on display today on Hollywood Boulevard.

A gold sculpture of Harvey Weinstein on his infamous casting couch holding an Oscar statue is on display in Hollywood
Gold Weinstein statue erected in Hollywood

"For many years the exploitation of many hopefuls and established names in the industry was brushed under the carpet with their complaints of harassment and sexual abuse being ignored or worse", said Plastic Jesus told the publication. Knowing what we now know about Harvey, in terms of his abuse of power, sexual harassment and rape, what does it feel like sitting next to him?

As Hollywood prepares for the Academy Awards aka Oscars 2018, a massive golden couch has created huge buzz online.

The installment, which appeared on Thursday, was created by street artists Plastic Jesus and Joshua "Ginger" Monroe and is intended as a reminder of the film industry's dark underbelly. The project, made of fiberglass and acrylic resin, was in the works for two months.

Harvey Weinstein's perpetual Oscars presence will obviously not happen this year after a mountain of sexual misconduct allegations surfaced against the cinematic mogul. He's denied all allegations of non-consensual sex, but apologized for "the way I've behaved with colleagues in the past". The life size sculpture took 2 months to produce with Ginger taking care of the head and upper body, Initially a casting was taken from a similar sized friend and then Ginger skilfully molded the face to match Weinstein's bloated, unshaven appearance.