McLaren Senna bares it all in Geneva with carbon-fiber look

  • McLaren Senna bares it all in Geneva with carbon-fiber look

McLaren Senna bares it all in Geneva with carbon-fiber look

The lashings of carbon fibre - some 67 new parts - took some 1,000 hours to make, and the yellow paint a further 250 hours. But they're not all going to cost £750,000, because McLaren Special Operations has begun wheeling out the options you can throw at the new Ultimate Series supercar.

McLaren Special Operations has worked its magic on the Senna, creating the 'Carbon Theme' ahead of next week's Geneva motor show.

The Carbon Theme is a showcase for McLaren's exposed carbon-fiber treatment, because you just gotta keep up with the Paganis and the Koenigseggs in this business.

This "Carbon Theme" auto is a bespoke project by McLaren Special Operations that combines a nude-effect carbonfibre body with yellow and green accents, as well as a black Alcantara interior trim to striking effect. The seats" headrests also sport a Senna "S' symbol, mimicking those on the end plates of the rear wing.

In its press release introducing the Carbon Black Senna, McLaren also hinted at something special at the Geneva Motor Show.

Prior to its debut at Geneva, a "Carbon Theme" McLaren Senna has been revealed. The reduction in unsprung mass results in a 10-15 percent reduction in rotating inertia, improving acceleration, braking and steering responses.

The MSO 7-Spoke Hybrid Carbon Fibre Wheel, which also offers McLaren Senna customers a further opportunity to personalise their purchase, is a retailer-fit only option that will be available to order soon in either Diamond Cut or Stealth finish.

With a £300,000 price tag for the MSO work alone, making this a £1.05m machine, the bespoke transformation doesn't come cheaply. "With the auto having generated so much interest since its unveiling in December, we knew we needed to produce something very special in order to showcase the unique talents of McLaren Special Operations". McLaren will build just 500 units of the Senna, and every one is already spoken for. McLaren warns: "Cars commissioned from McLaren Special Operations will take considerably longer to build and carry a financial premium".