Biggest Missed Opportunities with WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Booking

  • Biggest Missed Opportunities with WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Booking

Biggest Missed Opportunities with WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Booking

How will the historical pay-per-view turn Team Red upside-down?

Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Sheamus def.

Rousey threw Triple H - the WWE's COO through a table before signing her contract, and she now looks like she'll be competing for the WWE Women's title at Wrestlemania.

Just because the show was predicable doesn't mean it was all bad. The buildups didn't take big swerves, but they didn't go off the road, either.

Rather than Roman Reigns being booked as strong as possible, it was instead Braun Strowman who took that honor.

Finn Balor defeated The Miz.

Some fans are still holding out hope that Strowman will be added to the Lesnar-Reigns title match, making it a triple threat. Alexa would insult her for awhile before Nia Jax entered the ring.

Reigns has main-evented each of the last three WrestleManias in singles matches. Also, Cena was the second man eliminated.

- Highlights are shown of John Cena's appearance on Raw Talk.

Strowman has had his share of run-ins with The Miz and The Miztourage (Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas) in recent weeks. Elias waited in his pod, only to fail to get a pinfall on all five helpless wrestlers. A six women tag match followed and all seemed to be fine between the best friends, Bayley and Banks until Banks reached for a tag. Cena says that he failed at winning the men's Elimination Chamber match last night, Cena says he felt demoralized at his loss last night. However, that would have been hard to do, considering she not only had serious neck surgery but suffered a career-ending injury. Bliss played scared early with the odds against her, running from Banks and Bayley and was an opportunistic champion late.

Despite having to defend her strap against Bayley, Sasha Banks, Sonya Deville, Mickie James and Mandy Rose, Little Miss Bliss survived again to retain the belt.

While most matches were predictable, and you may have personally predicted every match right, the women's Elimination Chamber match and the Wyatt/Hardy match were both matches that could've gone either way.

It was her contract signing and after some shenanigans it got real.

The events have led to rumors about a match at WrestleMania with Rousey partnering with Angle to feud against Triple H and McMahon. There is also something to be said about bringing a story full circle. Here are some of those moments and why we loved them.