Apple said to plan giant high-end iPhone, lower-priced model

  • Apple said to plan giant high-end iPhone, lower-priced model

Apple said to plan giant high-end iPhone, lower-priced model

Yes, that notch, you hate the most is going to stay, maybe for years until Apple would launch its new silver jubilee smartphone, proposedly iPhone 25X, which will bring the revolutionary design like iPhone X brought after 10 years.

But, the increase in price, also resulted in Apple raking in 13 percent more revenue in the quarter than the same period previous year. The Cupertino-based giant had started using OLED display with iPhone X.

It will also have a Face ID scanner that unlocks the device and enables payments.

In some regions, Apple may offer a dual-SIM card option for the larger iPhone.

Until some official announcements will be made, all we have are rumors saying that the future iPhone could come with the biggest display ever (among all the smartphones), Dual Sim, as well as it can come in different colors, not just white and black, as the iPhone X.

Many believe the iPhone X's wallet-busting price tag contributed to its lackluster sales.

The device, code named D33, will apparently tout a similar screen resolution as the iPhone X and also use an OLED display - which are pricier than the LCD screens found on most phones. This should keep costs down, making the device more appealing to many customers. Apple will look to roll out a massive 6.5-inch iPhone X XL along with the standard 5.8-inch model.

Apple will release a trio of iPhones later this year led by what will be the company's largest handset yet according to a recent report from Bloomberg.

It successfully clicked some of the constructing photos of iPhone X Plus that shows it is vast in size as compared to iPhone X. Having a 6.5-inch display, the smartphone will most probably come with the somewhat similar design of its preceding. Apple planned on having a golden iPhone X but abandoned the idea due to production issues.

Like certain iPads, Apple is also apparently considering a two-SIM option for the Plus "in at least some regions", nearly certainly utilizing an embedded chip called an eSIM alongside a removable nano-SIM as a compromise to placate eSIM-resistant cellular carriers.

KGI also said 2018 will be the end for Touch ID and that all iPhone models will embrace Face ID.

Apple has tried selling cheaper phones in the past with poor results.

Apple launched the high-end $999 (£999) iPhone X last September. This design will allegedly work because of the edge-to-edge design being used.