WWE reveals WrestleMania plan for Ronda Rousey

  • WWE reveals WrestleMania plan for Ronda Rousey

WWE reveals WrestleMania plan for Ronda Rousey

KurWhen the dust settled Angle had been removed from the building, and the UFC icon had thrown Triple H through a table.

It was a spectacular moment in the ring. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Each hammered home that there were no special perks to come for Rousey, and made it clear that she would not be competing in a championship match at WrestleMania - but she would be competing.

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Rousey's immediate future with WWE is still unclear, and it may be months before she wrestles in her first match (potentially at WrestleMania 34), but Triple H told For The Win last month that Rousey has been training to transition to wrestling for months. Titus Worldwide's Titus O'Neil and Apollo have won three out of four matches against the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Sheamus and Cesaro of late, and while The Bar aren't eager for round five, the match was set this week with the titles on the line. Rousey signed her contract and thus her WWE career is officially underway.

And Rousey wasted little time in marking her mark as she slammed the Triple H through a table. They didn't have Rousey get her hands on McMahon and that can set up something much bigger at "Wrestlemania XXXIV".

The Goddess took out runner-up Sasha Banks with a top-rope DDT and is now going to WrestleMania 34. It has also been rumored she would team with Braun Strowman or possibly Angle.

Rousey seemed a bit quiet and overwhelmed as she uttered her first words on WWE TV, but immediately gave credit to others. The entire situation broke down, as Kurt Angle would reveal, in front of Ronda, the things that Triple H & Stephanie have said about Ronda behind her back.