Transgender wrestler Mack Beggs wins second title

  • Transgender wrestler Mack Beggs wins second title

Transgender wrestler Mack Beggs wins second title

For two years straight, transgender boy Mack Beggs has won the Texas girls 6A wrestling championship in the 110-pound weight class. Footage from the scene shows boos ringing out shortly after the final whistle blows.

Beggs, who began transitioning from female to male a few years ago, wrestles in the girls' division under University Interscholastic League rules, which mandate that athletes compete as the gender listed on their birth certificate, according to the Morning News' SportsDay.

"His steroid therapy treatments last season sparked a fiery debate about fairness and transgender rights", TheBlaze reported. Several opponents forfeited to him during last year's run to the state title, arguing that the use of testosterone represents an unfair advantage.

"It definitely felt different", he told The Dallas Morning News about winning on Saturday.

"That (the criticism) didn't stop me from competing".

"I understand if you want to transition your gender", said Cypress Ranch wrestler Kayla Fitts, who went 52-0 this season before falling to Beggs in the semifinals.

"It sure as hell didn't stop me from doing what I wanted to do in the past, and it won't stop me from what I want to do in the future", Beggs said.

Having won his second state championship on Saturday Beggs told...

"He [she] has so much respect for all the girls he [she] wrestles", McNew, told The Associated Press (AP), according to the New York Post. "They're saying, 'steroids.' They're saying, 'Oh, they're beating up on girls, '" he said.

Beggs wants to wrestle boys and said he would if that law didn't exist.

Many parents have been outraged to see their daughters wrestling someone who, effectively, has the strength of a young man.

However, there has been a loud backlash from some sections of the wrestling community.

Boos rain down from the crowd as a muscular, tatted Beggs takes the title.

The solitude allowed him to concentrate on the task ahead and perhaps shield him from attacks on social media and occasional insults from the stands - or even other wrestling mats - during meets.

But even though "state law and UIL rules prohibit steroid use by high school athletes, Beggs" testosterone injections are permissible, however, because of the law's "safe harbor" provision, which allows steroids that are "dispensed, prescribed, delivered, and administered by a medical practitioner for a valid medical goal, '" the Morning News reported.