Iraq Sentences Turkish ISIS Brides To Death By Hanging

  • Iraq Sentences Turkish ISIS Brides To Death By Hanging

Iraq Sentences Turkish ISIS Brides To Death By Hanging

The sentences were issued under Iraq's counterterrorism law, however, the defendants still have a chance to appeal to a higher court.

In January, a German woman was sentenced to death on such charges.

At least 16 Turkish women were sentenced to death by an Iraqi court for joining the Islamic State militant group, a judiciary spokesman said on Sunday.Iraq is conducting trials of hundreds of foreign women detained with hundreds of their children for supporting or joining the group as its strongholds crumble, the Guardian reported.

Earlier this month, the Iraqi authorities announced the extradition of one of Daesh's most prominent leaders after he was arrested in Turkey in a joint operation between Iraqi, Turkish and American intelligence services.

A Turkish woman was sentenced to death last week by the court and 10 others of various nationalities to life in prison, all for alleged Islamic State membership.

Hundreds of women and children have been detained in Iraq over alleged links to Isis since the Islamist group lost control of its final strongholds in the country previous year. One of the women reportedly told the judge she had fought Iraqi troops. Some had young children with them.

Under Iraq's anti-terror laws, anyone found guilty of joining Isis, including non-combatants, can be given the death penalty. Further in December, Iraq claimed victory over the defeat of ISIS which had seized about a third of the country in Iraq.

Human rights organizations and observers contend that the legal process in Iraq is not fair. "The Iraqi courts need to redirect their priorities".

Defense lawyers also argued militant husbands either tricked or forced their wives into traveling to Iraq and Syria.

Last week another Turkish national Isis widow was sentenced to death by hanging and 11 others were jailed for life for their part in "acts of terrorism" in the country.