How the Walking Dead Crew Sent Off Chandler Riggs in Style

  • How the Walking Dead Crew Sent Off Chandler Riggs in Style

How the Walking Dead Crew Sent Off Chandler Riggs in Style

We don't expect that Carl's vision of Negan and Rick working together in harmony is ever going to be a thing, but we do think that Rick is going to do what he can to try to make some of it happen with anyone will to be part of it.

Great news for Rick's central fanbase among the Walking Dead viewership: he nearly definitely isn't going to Season 8...because of the wounds he's suffering in that shot. And [his demise] can show that this world is still the world of The Walking Dead, where these things happen. Honestly. a huge reason I wanted so badly to join this band of misfits. was because I was such a fan of the Negan Carl relationship in the comics. that storyline was one of my favorites, as I know it was one of yours. (I mean, it's better than thinking he died under a dumpster.) In any case, that just eliminates one possible outcome.

I'm sure everyone considers that the $64,000 question now, since the moment arrived nearly completely out of the blue.

The final shot is nearly certainly the same setting from the premiere which saw a distraught Rick saying, "My mercy prevails over my wrath". But it wasn't clear at the time that a big bloody wound was responsible for Rick being all sweat-soaked and weak. This dazed and bewildered Rick could have found himself sitting against that tree after taking a victory lap around the nearby area to celebrate, only to realize he didn't have enough blood left in his body for victory laps.

I wouldn't say if he was dying and I would be racing away from that topic.

In the latest episode titled Honour, Carl succumbed to his injuries, causing fans of the hit FOX series to go into meltdown. As comic book fans know, the source material's All Out War ended on a shocking face-to-face confrontation between Rick and Negan, and this could be the aftermath of that. But will Rick actually be able to show mercy after losing so many allies to Negan's brutality?

Best pitfall avoidance: In a ideal world, we wish Carl hadn't been killed off so we could continue to follow his ongoing comic book arc.

BEST ZOMBIE MOMENT: Some zombies get mowed down, and there's a flashback to show the moment when Carl was bitten, but the best zombie in the episode doesn't even do anything other than lie on the ground. And the strength of his mercy shall indeed prevail...we hope. But as with past moments that have felt like fake-outs and misdirection, the producers would be advised not to be too coy about it for too long, lest they undermine an episode that, until that closing scene, felt as if it had gone a long way toward steering AMC's flagship series back onto the right course. Probably not, since it took nine episodes to get to answers behind the flash-forwards.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sundays at 9 p.m. ET. One of the last characters remaining from the first season of the hit drama, he's always been considered the ultimate underlying motivation for everything its protagonist, his father Rick, has been building over the course of the show's run.