Dana White teases Brock Lesnar's UFC return

  • Dana White teases Brock Lesnar's UFC return

Dana White teases Brock Lesnar's UFC return

Brock turns 41 years old in July, and he's a former UFC heavyweight champion.

IT'S ON Who won the Elimination Chamber, and who will face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania? But his agent doesn't think that means his UFC career is necessarily over. Heyman suggests that Lesnar is in better shape than any UFC fighter as he's allowing his body to heal, allowing him to stay in condition better than the UFC fighters destroying their bodies in camps.

On Sunday night, White added fuel to the already raging fire surrounding a second Lesnar comeback by posting a picture of himself and the WWE superstar to his official Instagram page.

Given these developments, we just might see Lesnar competing in the octagon around the end of 2018, provided the heavyweight gets back into the USADA program.

But that victory was marred by two failed drugs tests and a subsequent one-year ban.

So, what does UFC president Dana White have to say about all this?

TMZ Sports caught up with Paul Heyman this week and asked about rumors that Brock Lesnar will be returning to the Octagon when his WWE contract expires some time after April's WrestleMania 34 pay-per-view. While the picture has raised a few eyebrows, fans should take it with a grain of salt as Lesnar is now in negotiations with the WWE and what better way to improve terms in the new contract then to get a photo with the president of a competing organization.

Lesnar is a huge draw for the UFC so it certainly makes sense from a business perspective but his return would certainly attract controversy considering his recent track record with steroids.

Lesnar still has six months remaining on that suspension, which was frozen after he announced his retirement from mixed martial arts. Or will he return to the WWE ring and pretend to kick ass a few times a year?

The other belt Velasquez is referencing to is his previous win over Lesnar back in 2010 for the UFC heavyweight title.