New Apple AirPod headphones tipped for release this year

  • New Apple AirPod headphones tipped for release this year

New Apple AirPod headphones tipped for release this year

It pays for Apple to continue updating AirPods, however incrementally, because planned upgrades in Bluetooth connectivity and design should only improve the user experience.

A third model that's said to launch next year will reportedly be resistant to rain but won't survive in a swimming pool, according the report. The new model will arrive this year itself, Bloomberg claims. Now we're learning that Apple is working on a couple of upgrades to their famed AirPods. Unfortunately sources didn't say exactly when the release would be, but the information does line up with a previous report from The Apple Post at the start of the month.

This year's upgrades to the hearables will allow users to summon the digital assistant of Apple, Siri, without having to physically tap the AirPods. So let's dive in to see some more details on the matter.

A model to be released "as early as next year" is set to be water-resistant.

While we don't consider AirPods to be the best truly wireless headphones available at the moment (that honour is reserved for Bose's SoundSport Free), there's no questioning that they're still really nice. That would indeed to a step-up in terms of shifting AirPods to a voice-first interface device. The wireless accessory will be sold at the company's retail App Stores as well as on other retailers like Best Buy. It works with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3, and the unreleased AirPods wireless charging case-all at the same time.

That means that if you're charging both your AirPods and iPhone 8 on the AirPower, the devices should communicate with each other and "decide" how much power each device requires. Since their debut, the wireless headsets are speculated to be among the top-performing Apple product.

AirPods accounted for 85% of wireless headphone sales in the USA after the launch. Similar products followed from Google, Sony, Samsung, Motorola and Bose.

Apple's iPhone event in September previous year was all about the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus until the iPhone X was revealed.

With the Airpods doing pretty well as of lately, placing them on an similar update cycle as other Apple devices makes ideal sense.