Broken Apple devices seeking emergency assistance

  • Broken Apple devices seeking emergency assistance

Broken Apple devices seeking emergency assistance

The latest drama hitting the news are reports of an Apple fix center accidentally making almost 1600 911 calls since October of 2017.

What's causing the massive volume of accidental calls to be made is unclear.

There is a fix facility in Elk Grove, California where Apple devices go to be restored and refurbished. Once switched on, iPhone users can tap the sleep/wake button five times to discreetly call emergency services and notify emergency contacts.

I suspect that one or more Apple techs at the Elk Grove fix center are placing iPhones to be fixed in some kind of clamp that presses the power and volume buttons and holds them down.

Since Jan. 1, Hampton said, the sheriff's communication center has received 47 uninitialized 911 calls and has been able to document that 30 of those came from the Apple facility. Jason Jimenez of the Elk Grove Police Department has said that "public safety is not in danger", at this time.

The accidental calls are beginning to frustrate police departments and dispatchers.

In a statement to PCMag, an Apple spokesperson said the company is looking into the issue. Make sure you know where your iPhone is at all times, and that the buttons on the side of your phone aren't being held down accidentally. I accidentally held down both volume buttons, and wound up talking to the City of Houston's 911 call center.

Apple has told CBS Local it was aware of the problem and was "working closely with local law enforcement to investigate the cause and ensure this doesn't continue". The Emergency SOS slider will appear. Calling 911 on an iPhone or an Apple Watch is not extremely hard, and can be done accidentally.

Seeing as Emergency SOS is an integral part of the iPhone's identity and ethos of helping people in medical scenarios, we doubt we'll see the feature removed entirely, although they may change the way iPhones are handled by their fix technicians.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is the first Apple smartwatch to feature cellular connectivity, which enables users to make calls from their wrist. While leaving it on may be annoying in the case of an accidental trigger-or if you are truly trying to summon emergency services without alerting others-leaving the sound on reduces the chance of an accidental call.