Snapchat update adds GIF stickers and some design changes

  • Snapchat update adds GIF stickers and some design changes

Snapchat update adds GIF stickers and some design changes

Snapchat also announced that it as going to add tabs in the Friends and Discover sections of its mobile app in the coming weeks to make it easier to follow stories of both friends and celebrities.

If you're a Snapchat user, chances are you've already witnessed the latest update first-hand. The new tabs should help separate out items for easier discovery and browsing, especially in the river of Discover content.

"It's confusing now to view your friends' stories if you haven't had a recent chat with them". Her comment has been liked more than 2,000 times.

Miss Fox, who has signed the petition, said many of her friends were switching from Snapchat to Instagram because of the update.

The company then goes on to explain why the redesign is actually a good thing - if only Snapchatters will give themselves the chance to get used to the changes. Snapchat's advice to these critics: Just keep using it, and it may get better over time. Some users have been very vocal with their negative reactions to the redesign, and though those complaints haven't really relented, Snapchat has stuck by its decision to change the app. Make it so I don't see any nudes behind the onslaught of GIFs. Multiple animations can also be added to a single snap.

How annoyed are you with Snapchat for its redesign?

Mr. Spiegel claimed the change was made because blurring the two had contributed to the rise of fake news.

But they will have to do with cool new gifs instead. "It's a mixture of reality stars' mind-numbingly boring stories and advertisements for other apps", Miss Fox told Sputnik.

Fans were hoping that the update will reverse the alterations made earlier in the year. But don't expect it to change back anytime soon.