Feathers fly as chicken shortage closes KFCs across Britain

  • Feathers fly as chicken shortage closes KFCs across Britain

Feathers fly as chicken shortage closes KFCs across Britain

Metropolitan Police in east London have told locals to stop wasting their time by calling the emergency line to complain about chicken shortages at KFC.

And it wasn't the only one.

KFC says more than half of its United Kingdom outlets are now open but that won't stop teasing on Twitter, which has been relentless.

Delivery problems came to light following the switch of the logistics contract from Bidvest to DHL, which is working with partner Quick Service Logistics (QSL).

The fast food chain closed half its 900 United Kingdom outlets after "operational issues" with its new delivery firm DHL.

Others are open with severely limited menus, including one restaurant in Bristol which could only offer BBQ beans, lettuce and popcorn chicken.

KFC announced last night that stores were gradually starting to reopen as chicken deliveries got back to normal.

"Whilst we are not the only party responsible for the supply chain to KFC, we do apologize for the inconvenience and disappointment caused to KFC and their customers by this incident", a DHL spokesperson said Monday.

John Boulter, of DHL, promised they were making "step by step improvements" to help stores reopen. In a separate statement the company has said that it was working to resolve the problem.

She said: "Council inspectors visited the depot on Tuesday because they were not aware it was operating as a cold storage depot".

KFC wrote on Saturday: "The chicken crossed the road, just not to our restaurants".

Unions say they warned KFC of the possible impact of switching suppliers to no avail.

"It's too early to confirm how long it will take to clear the backlog".

"Bidvest are specialists - a food distribution firm with years of experience; DHL are scratching around for any work they can get to undercut them", he said.

Police in London joined them in tweeting the chicken shortage was "not a police matter" but neither force could confirm if it had received calls.

"So @KFC have run out of chicken".