Korean 'Iron Man' Kim wins historic Olympic skeleton gold

  • Korean 'Iron Man' Kim wins historic Olympic skeleton gold

Korean 'Iron Man' Kim wins historic Olympic skeleton gold

Yun is in first place after the first day of completion in his home country, a whopping 0.74 seconds ahead of second place. The medals are only about 1.34 percent gold and mostly silver.

Only gold will do for the United States at the Pyeongchang Games with the Americans mired in a 20-year title drought.

The Swiss Olympic team said in a statement the athletes had contracted the virus a few days ago but their symptoms had now mostly gone away and could potentially still compete. Josh is now a member of the FWAA and USBWA.

Officials separate players at the end of the game between Canada and the U.S.at the Kwandong Hockey Centre, Gangneung, South Korea on February 15, 2018. Norway fans will want to look out for this event, which features two athletes - Aksel Lund Svindal and Kjetil Jansrud - who are top medal contenders. On his first run, he hit the wall coming out of the infamous ninth turn and struggled the rest of the run, essentially ending his shot at a medal.

This move is typical for the Winter Olympics, but viewers might not recognize it because of its omission at the lengthier Summer Olympics, where it would be too hard to host nightly medal ceremonies for all of its many events. He took advantage of the opportunity, and finished with a score of 97.75, taking home his first gold medal since 2010. Chen is favored to win the gold for the U.S. Vonn, after suffering from two torn ACLs, surgery on her thumb, a concussion, fractured tibial plateau, a fractured ankle, and arm surgery on a broken humorous, the 33-year-old is back to compete at her last Olympics.

Before these Games, only nine different countries had won medals in skeleton, where athletes throw themselves down an icy shute on the bellies head-first.

"Really simple. I made less mistakes in the second run", Dukurs said. "It is an unbelievable experience to get a medal in this Olympics".

"It's a national holiday so I thought not many people would come to support".

Key events for the US include the men's singles free program, where figure skaters Nathan Chen, Victor Zhou and Adam Rippon represent Team USA; and the women's Super-G, where Lindsey Vonn will look to add another medal to her collection.

"I didn't show 100 percent, so I will show 100 percent (Friday)", Yun said.