Google Pay launches to replace Android Pay and Google Wallet

  • Google Pay launches to replace Android Pay and Google Wallet

Google Pay launches to replace Android Pay and Google Wallet

This new app is similar to other "Go" apps that Google has been making recently.

After realising that it was more than slightly unnecessary for Android Pay and Google Wallet to be completely separate services, Google has started rolling out its new unified payment service, Google Pay. The official Google Pay app can be downloaded via the Play Store, albeit only in select regions.

Fast, simple checkout. Easy access to rewards and offers.

Some of the highlights of the new Google Pay app include a Home tab with recent purchases and nearby stores, and a Cards tab to see all of the credit, debit and gift cards you have on file.

With that in mind, it will take Google Pay a while before it could really have the gal of calling itself a complete payments service.

Google has ambitious plans for the app, including universal support across all Google products, as well as global support with an (undisclosed) number of partners online and in stores around the world. The app called Google Pay will replace Android Pay and packs a fresh coat of paint.

The four new YouTube explainers cover topics like how to pay in stores (above), how your info stays safe, how to pay in more places, and how to add a card - all done in Google's trademark cheery style.

In the coming months, Google says users in the United States and the U.K. will be able to send money to one another using "Google Pay Send" - Apple offers a similar feature through its Apple Pay Cash platform which launched late previous year.

Longtime Android Pay fans, fear not: the features you love aren't going away. For the time being, you'll need to keep using the separate app to make and request transfers between individuals.

Google is also opening the ecosystem to businesses that wish to register to use the new payment system for themselves through a partnership with Canadian e-commerce and POS company Shopify.

Today represents just the first step in Google Pay's big rollout. Google Pay, however, will offer a bit more functionality and organize things a little differently.

The search giant has merged its Android Pay (for online payments) and Google Wallet (for peer-to-peer payments) and rebranded the result as Google Pay.