Haiti's President condemns Oxfam over sex scandal

  • Haiti's President condemns Oxfam over sex scandal

Haiti's President condemns Oxfam over sex scandal

"The recent revelations about Oxfam - not exclusively the actions perpetrated by a number of those staff - but the way the organisation responded to those events, should be a wake-up call to the sector", she said.

On Monday, the International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt, issued a statement saying: 'My absolute priority is to keep the world's poorest and most vulnerable people safe from harm.

She is expected to add: "Unless you safeguard everyone your organisation comes into contact with, including beneficiaries, staff and volunteers - we will not fund you".

The commission, which has been forced to defend its own investigations into Oxfam after a whistleblower reported that women were being coerced into sex for aid, held an all-day meeting with the charity after opening a new statutory inquiry.

According to the Daily Mail, Oxfam has denied covering up the scandal but admitted it should have been more transparent with the incident.

She said she begged senior staff, ministers and the regulator to act on the sexual abuse allegations.

When abuse is carried out "by people in positions of power, people we entrust to help and protect, it rightly sickens and disgusts and compels us to take action", she said.

The scandal has prompted the resignation of its deputy head and has put its British government funding, placed at £32m previous year, into question.

More than 1,000 people cancelled their regular donations to Oxfam over the weekend as more claims about a sexual misconduct scandal emerged.

Evans told Channel 4 News of a survey conducted during her 2012-2015 tenure which exposed a "culture of sexual abuse" in some Oxfam offices.

Senior staff have already left the charity, and the threat of losing its right to operate in Haiti heaps pressure on Oxfam.

Amira Malik Miller, a Swedish aid official who was working for Merlin as Mr Hauwermeiren's assistant, told her bosses about his "shameless" behaviour.

When she saw an initial report about Van Hauwermeiren in The Times newspaper last week, she remembered thinking: "Oh my God, he's been doing this for 14 years". "Someone should have checked".

Driver is the first celebrity spokesperson to abandon the charity amid the growing scandal, which includes allegations that Oxfam staff used sex workers in Chad, the CNN said.

Oxfam aid chief Roland van Hauwermeiren, who was recruited to lead a team in Chad, was accused of being with prostitutes in the central African country in 2006.

He added: "Let it be clear to all of Haiti's global partners, if their personnel exploit or do wrong to our citizens when they are supposed to be "aiding" them, we will not be inclined to tolerate it and we will not tolerate it".

There have been various reports suggesting some regular donors are put off giving money to the organisation for now while corporate partners like Heathrow airport and the Co-Operative bank have said they are in conversations with Oxfam. "It was not just the processes and procedures of that organization that were lacking but moral leadership".