Gmail Go is the latest member of Google's Go app family

  • Gmail Go is the latest member of Google's Go app family

Gmail Go is the latest member of Google's Go app family

Google recently announced Android Oreo Go Edition, a light version of its operating system which can run smoothly on low-end phones with less than 1 GB of RAM (note that it is different from Android One which is just a stock version of Android supported directly by Google).

The Gmail Go app has a feature that can block spam even before it enters your inbox. According to Google, "the Gmail you love" has just got lighter and just as fast. This means the app will take up very less space on the phone, consuming around 24.80MB when installed as against 47MB consumed by the regular app. We've asked Google for more information about the app's feature set, and what exactly is it that Go does to reduce the burden on low-end smartphones. Of course, the prime goal of the Gmail Go app is to provide Gmail access amidst using less RAM and data. Officially they - and Gmail Go - are targeted at emerging markets, where cellular connections can either be slower than the United States and other countries enjoy, or prohibitively expensive.

It baffles me that something as important as parental controls isn't built into Android and that Google's solution for the problem, Family Link, was only officially released previous year and is still limited to countries you can count on one hand: US, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and now Canada is joining the fold.

For all those Android users who are struggling every time they have to check their email or messages due to low-performance devices, Google is launching lightweight apps that require fewer resources.

Interestingly, Gmail Go also features Search box to search for the email within the Inbox.

Mobile operating systems are always being refined, and Android Oreo is certainly no exception. Interestingly, with Gmail Go you can read and respond both online & offline. It also prioritizes messages from friends and family first, while categorizing promotional and social emails in separate tabs, as Gmail does. It also comes with multiple account support like, Yahoo Mial and IMAP/POP mail.