15 more flu deaths reported in state; toll now at 140

  • 15 more flu deaths reported in state; toll now at 140

15 more flu deaths reported in state; toll now at 140

Almost 12,000 positive flu reports came in the week before.

"More advanced information regarding influenza activity can help alert health care professionals that influenza is circulating, help coordinate response efforts, and help anticipate clinic and hospital staffing needs and increases in visits associated with high levels of influenza activity", he said. "It seems to be a little more intense this year".

During the current flu season, H3N2 viruses have been most common.

"Flu is nothing to fool around with", said Allan.

"I've definitely had the flu in the past, but not as bad as it was this time", Riley said. "The flu vaccine will cover some strains, although it is not as effective for the predominate strain for this season".

Anyone with flu syptoms should seek medical attention within 48 hours, she said.

Should I take an antiviral drug like Tamiflu?

"We're going to get a handle on it within the next few weeks", she said.

In Suffolk, there have been over 3,700 cases of the flu this season, with 782 new cases reported last week.

Sirus Wheaton '19 said he did not receive the flu vaccine this year but did his best to prevent getting sick through other precautions. Nassau has confirmed nearly 3,900 cases, with 430 new diagnoses last week. The literature on such cases is slim, though a 2014 study published in the journal Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses details an influenza B outbreak in Canada in which 3 students at a rural school reported a localized rash.

"This really puts us at risk of a unsafe accident without helping our flu preparedness", he said. Doctors were anxious about young children carrying the disease into the hospital without even knowing it.

Among total flu antigen tests that can distinguish between influenza A and B virus types, 66 percent were influenza A, and 34 percent were influenza B. Reported influenza B exceeded A in this week.

Both strains of the flu have similar symptoms: fever, body aches, and fatigue. Symptoms usually begin one to four days after being exposed to the virus.

Children are at high risk for influenza complications - especially those younger than 2.

Unfortunately, the flu season probably won't start winding down anytime soon, Schuchat added. "You have to point out to people that if you don't get a flu shot, it's 100% ineffective", he said.

DHEC has not given a specific number for cases in Clarendon County, but a survey map shows that the county has experienced at least 75 cases, which DHEC felt was at the threshold for "widespread".

Flu season isn't over yet, but Christian County has already experienced more cases of the sickness compared to the entirety of last year's numbers.