Publix Reverses Policy, Will Cover PrEP for Employees

  • Publix Reverses Policy, Will Cover PrEP for Employees

Publix Reverses Policy, Will Cover PrEP for Employees

"Some of our friends and associates through Polk Pride are on or want to be on PrEP, and some of them do work at Publix, so it was a big issue hitting close to home", he explained.

On Twitter, Publix responded to questions stating that it evaluated "what is covered by our health plan and have made the decision to expand our health plan's coverage of Truvada to include Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP). We offer generous health coverage to our eligible full-time and part-time associates at an affordable premium and are committed to the health and well-being of our associates and their families", the company tweeted.

From 1 March 2018 emtricitabine with tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (Truvada) will be funded for the prevention of HIV infection (a treatment known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP). We are working with our pharmacy benefits manager to implement this change as quickly as possible.

The drastic price cut (Truvada now costs about $30 per day in New Zealand) could go a long way toward widescale HIV prevention, as the discount will be targeted toward the most high-risk residents. "We have long said that until PrEP is fully accessible, it will not be fully effective".

Publix Supermarkets has come under recent scrutiny for their failure to include HIV preventative drugs in their employee's health plans.

Publix denied coverage of Truvada which has been approved for use as PrEP.

The company's board is largely conservative and Publix scored a zero on HRC's analysis of workplace fairness.

Three of the seven states that Publix operates in - North Carolina, Georgia, and its home state of Florida - are ranked in the top-10 states with the highest number of HIV diagnoses in 2016, according to the CDC.

New Zealand has become the latest in a small group of countries that publicly funds PrEP and drastically lowers the price of the drug.

This is very good news.

Publix has been accused of anti-LGBTQ discrimination on more than one occasion.

PHARMAC estimates up to 4000 people with a high risk of contracting HIV will be eligible for PrEP treatment, which has the potential to nearly completely eliminate the risk of HIV infection.