Nicole Eggert Files Police Report Against Scott Baio For Sexual Assault

  • Nicole Eggert Files Police Report Against Scott Baio For Sexual Assault

Nicole Eggert Files Police Report Against Scott Baio For Sexual Assault

TMZ reported that Eggert filed a police report claiming she was sexually abused as a minor on the set of Baio's show "Charles in Charge" between 1986 and 1990.

Baio and Eggert's "Charles in Charge" co-stars have remained quiet.

"Yesterday Nicole Eggert and I met with two police detectives from the sexual assault unit at my law firm", Hollywood attorney Bloom told THR in a statement on Wednesday.

There has been no official reply from Baio yet, but previously, his rep had told TMZ: "We've been demanding since previous year that Nicole Eggert bring her story to the authorities".

"Nicole answered all of their questions and told her story of sexual abuse by Scott Baio when she was a minor", Bloom said in a statement to the Daily News. Bloom also provided detectives with a list of witnesses who claim they observed inappropriate behavior by Baio toward Eggert. "We provided those names to the police today". "If anyone else has information about this matter please contact us".

Last month, Eggert her when she was underage. The new law, signed in September 2016, states there is no statute of limitations for sex crimes against a minor committed after January 1, 2017. "Nicole is very happy that the report is done and she looks forward to seeing how they handle the investigation". "I had to sit down and tell her why there were all these cameras outside of our house, and why people keep on asking me these questions", she says.

Police also interviewed another actor who worked on the series, Alexander Polinksky, whose statement included allegations of bullying by Baio. "This is her truth". "I apologised for pushing her too hard and should have been more sympathetic". Earlier, Baio had urged her to present her claims to the proper authorities.

Baio has vehemently denied the claims, saying he and Eggert had consensual sex when she 18 or older.

Defending the allegations, Baio pointed to a 2013 audio interview Eggert did with a website The Dirty in which she had laughed about their relationship.

"In those days I had moments of being so hurt and so upset, and even thoughts of ending my life", she says. The interview took two hours as Eggert went over the details of her claims.

"They did the right thing and we appreciate Dr. Oz and his team doing the right thing", Weintraub added.

Speaking on television last week Eggert said she had not aired the allegations previously because she was ashamed, and that she had been emboldened to speak up in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Eggert on Tuesday evening tweeted, "Calling it a nite".

"It's very empowering that everyone is going to see a change in Hollywood", he said of the current climate.