New Emojis Are Coming

  • New Emojis Are Coming

New Emojis Are Coming

The Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit governing body responsible for determining which emojis get added each year, announced in a blog post Wednesday that the lobster will be released this year.

Also to-be-released are hot and cold faces, woozy and pleading faces, anatomy and miscellaneous science lab objects, a fire extinguisher, toilet paper roll and a sponge.

Is there an emoji missing that you want?

In what is definitely the biggest news to hit the state of ME possibly ever, there will soon be an official lobster emoji. There are sample images for the new emoji floating around the internet, including those from Emojipedia and from The Unicode Consortium itself.

Take a look at all of the new emojis here. Apple and Google make the actual emoji images themselves, leading to occasional controversies, such as Google's inability to build a decent burger.

"Not only is the lobster of substantial cultural relevance", he argued, but according to online data, it also garners public interest that is at least equal to that of the crab, which already has its own emoji.

The final list for Emoji 11.0 has been finalized and it features 157 new emoji. You can add red hair, curly hair, white hair, or baldness to men or women of any skin tone. Check out a video from Emojipedia that shows off all the recent additions below!