Safer Internet Day 2018: Facebook announces Partnerships across Africa for Safer Internet

  • Safer Internet Day 2018: Facebook announces Partnerships across Africa for Safer Internet

Safer Internet Day 2018: Facebook announces Partnerships across Africa for Safer Internet

Some parents, guardians and teachers can find digital literacy a struggle even for themselves as individuals; therefore, talking to children and teenagers about their online lives seems like a mammoth task.

At the same time, educators and parents will be educated on how they can help keep their children safe on the internet.

Too young to work, Charmela spends a lot of time on the Internet and is now being solicited online through messages from men, including pornographic material, through a social media website. Safaricom, the biggest telco in Kenya, hosted the event locally at their Micheal Joseph Center and the company expressed their dedication to providing safe access to the internet, especially for children.

Despite the research's positive findings, it also found that young children face a "double-edged sword" by growing up on social media.

During the chat the force will be answering questions and offering advice on keeping children and young people safe while using the internet.

More than ever, therefore, young people need to be aware of dangers of cyber bullies, spotting online stranger danger and avoiding being a victim of revenge porn.

"It is very encouraging that we have been joined in this initiative by other key partners who share our ambition to protect Suffolk's young people". This matters, family shows like Strictly or the X Factor abide by the watershed with rules on sexual content and swearing. The power and influence of the private sector should be leveraged to advance industry-wide ethical standards on data and privacy, as well as other practices that benefit and protect children online.

Meanwhile in the era of "fake news", more than one in four 8-15s who use search engines believe that if Google lists information then it can be trusted.

Here are just a few practical tips and strategies you can employ to create a better internet and open up channels of communication.

The day is celebrated globally in February each year to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.

Every half a second, every day, a child goes online for the first time - tapping into all the great opportunities the Internet has to offer, but facing grave risks, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) said Tuesday, calling for urgent action to protect them from sexual exploitation, cyberbullying and the misuse of their private information.

The aim of this initiative of the European Commission is to bring together institutions, organizations, business and civil society and to draw attention to the need to make the digital world a safer and child-friendly environment.