Maldives top court revokes order to free prisoners

  • Maldives top court revokes order to free prisoners

Maldives top court revokes order to free prisoners

MALDIVES IS PASSING THROUGH WORST CRISIS of its existance and president Yameen is behavinvd like a dictator.

The US, UK and Canada were at the forefront of condemning the State of Emergency in the Maldives and urged Yameen to end it in a peaceful manner.

The political unrest began when President Abdulla Yameen refused to obey a court order to release political dissidents.

On Feb. 2 Nasheed said he would mount a fresh challenge for the presidency this year.

There's strong perception within the joint opposition that Yameen was standing up to worldwide pressure because he believed China, which has not called for Yameen to implement the SC ruling, was on his side.

The united Opposition led by the Maldivian Democratic Party called the imposition of the Emergency as "unconstitutional".

Earlier Tuesday, President Yameen accused the detained judges of plotting to overthrow him. "Yameen has coerced and intimidated the remaining judges until he got the ruling he wanted", she told Al Jazeera.

India - which has traditionally viewed itself as the island nation's "big brother" - is not happy. Under the emergency measure, the government has assumed sweeping powers and curbed judicial powers or immunity.

Male, which has seen a number of crisis since the ouster of its first elected president Nasheed in 2012, plunged into chaos Thursday when the SC ordered the release of nine imprisoned opposition politicians, maintaining that their trials were "politically motivated and flawed".

"On behalf of Maldivian people we humbly request: 1".

"President Yameen's announcement which declares a state of emergency, the banning of fundamental freedoms, and the suspension of the Supreme Court is tantamount to a declaration of martial law in the Maldives".

The president's move sparked a strong United States protest and warnings by several countries against travel to the upmarket holiday paradise. The army received orders to resist moves to impeach the president.

In a swift development, security forces arrested two Supreme Court judges, including the Chief Justice, and on opposition leader and former President Maumoon Abdul Ghayoom.

Former president of Maldives, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom who was in power for three decades, was also arrested last night as a crackdown on the opposition intensified.

What does this mean for tourists?

He has resided in the a political refugee since 2016, after traveling there for medical treatment.

Several countries have warned against travel to the island nation, with the Foreign Office advising British holidaymakers there to "exercise caution" and apply "appropriate security precautions".