Maldives chief says `coup´ investigated as supreme…

  • Maldives chief says `coup´ investigated as supreme…

Maldives chief says `coup´ investigated as supreme…

Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's detention on Monday night came after the government declared a 15-day state of emergency, suspended parliament and sent police to the Supreme Court. Concerned over the turmoil, India said it was "disturbed" at the declaration of emergency by the Maldivian government and described as a matter of "concern" the arrests of the CJ and political figures.

India has already asked its citizens not to visit "Male (Maldives' capital) and other atolls until further notice".

Mr Yameen said: "This state of emergency is the only way I can determine how deep this plot, this coup, goes".

The declaration gives sweeping powers to security forces to arrest and detain individuals, curtails the powers of the judiciary and bars parliament from impeaching Yameen.

India Feb. 2 called for peace and stability in the Indian Ocean archipelago nation.

Security forces entered the Supreme Court building, and former State President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom was detained.

Yameen had earlier defied a Supreme Court ruling to release nine jailed opposition leaders.Legal Affairs Minister Azima Shakoor announced the emergency in a televised address.

The president's main rival, who lives in exile, urged people not to obey what he called an "unlawful order".

The opposition leader also urged the USA to stop Maldives government officials from making transactions through American banks. Supreme Court Chief Justice Abdullah Saeed had been jailed, Shahid said. Since then, Yameen's government has cracked down on dissent and jailed nearly all the political opposition, reversing several years of democratic progress. Clashes erupted between police and the political opponents on Thursday and Friday.

The US, UK and Canada were at the forefront of condemning the State of Emergency in the Maldives and urged Yameen to end it in a peaceful manner. He has been living in exile in Britain since 2016 after being given asylum when he traveled there on medical leave from prison.

Several conditions were placed by the president which were based on the rights preserved for the head of the state under the Maldives Constitution, local media said. However, Gayoom has fallen off with President past year and allied with opposition forces citing Presidents' dictatorial tactics. "He has no democratic mandate to govern and must resign immediately", she said in a statement.