Drag queen Courtney Act beats Ann Widdecombe in CBB final

  • Drag queen Courtney Act beats Ann Widdecombe in CBB final

Drag queen Courtney Act beats Ann Widdecombe in CBB final

She officially beat out four other competitors in the finale for the title, including her rival Ann Widdecome, a former conservative politician who had very strong opinions about the LGBT community which often found them clashing inside the house.

The Celebrity Big Brother final is set to take place tonight (Friday 2nd February) at 9pm and we'll finally know whcih of the five remaining housemates will be crowned the victor of 2018.

It's pretty fitting, then, that Act has described her win as "validation that it is okay to be different", albeit a little ironic in a season themed "Year of the Woman". Those people made it possible, those experiences we had...this is so surreal right now.

"I guess coming into the house is validation that it's okay to be different" Courtney told CBB host Emma Willis.

"I was just having conversations about things I was passionate about".

When asked about its contents, she explained: "There wasn't much in it. Do you know how many times I've turned this programme down?" Yeah. As much as he wants! He knows who he is and feels confident sharing that in an unconventional way, and I respect that.

I do respect his boundaries.

The recently-booted Celebrity Big Brother housemate believes Ann Widdecombe's age can not excuse her conservative views on LGBTI issues.

"I knew Courtney had a huge amount of support".

Celebrity Big Brother: Year of the Woman has been the longest in CBB history with a total run length of 32 days.

"It came down to her and Shane Lynch and I thought, well either I lose my prayer partner or I lose my entertainment".

At the time viewers took to Twitter to speculate what was possibly so important she needed to keep it with her at all times. I'm always quite happy living on my own.

'Well I don't have any cats that's misinformation, ' Anne snapped back.

Courtney won the admiration of the British public for postively representing LGBTQ issues in the Big Brother house and challenging the prejudices of adversaries such as transgender newsreader India Willoughby with wit and humour.