Teenagers Shot During Massive Migrant Brawl in France

  • Teenagers Shot During Massive Migrant Brawl in France

Teenagers Shot During Massive Migrant Brawl in France

At least four Eritrean refugees are in critical condition after being shot during a mass brawl between some 130 Afghans and Eritreans in the northern French city of Calais, local media outlets reported.

Help Refugees on Friday issued a statement saying they had "always warned of the risky and violent potential of criminal gangs in Calais and the destructive influence they hold over those in the region".

Calais Mayor Natacha Bouchart said her town was confronted by all-out gang warfare.

"Mr. Macron said the Sandhurst Treaty signed on Thursday - the first joint treaty on the Calais border in 15 years - would "enable us to improve the relationship and the management of the joint border" and reduce the time taken to process migrants.It would mean the time taken to process migrants hoping to come to the United Kingdom from Calais, would be reduced from six months to one month for adults and 25 days for children". "It follows three deaths and two almost fatal accidents in the last two months, showing the sheer hopelessness looming over everyone".

"We have reached an escalation of violence that has become unbearable for both those from Calais and migrants", said Interior Minister of France Gerard Collomb, who visited one of the locations of the clashes. Charity associations put the figure at 800. What sparked the unrest is not yet known.

Some 130 refugees from Eritrea and Afghanistan clashed in northern French city close to transport routes to England.

It started when an Afghan fired shots, AFP said.

A second melee erupted at an industrial site around 5km away.

Violent clashes between migrants are common in Calais where thousands from Africa and the Middle East lived in "the Jungle" camp in poor conditions before it was dismantled by authorities in 2016. But Thursday's violence was likely to exacerbate existing tensions between migrants and police.

The last fight between migrants resulting in gunshot wounds at the camp was in November past year. Five people were injured.

Police officers have allegedly used pepper spray on the migrants and confiscated their blankets, shoes and food - accusations which authorities have repeatedly denied. "We hope that those injured recover quickly and quiet returns to Calais, for locals, refugees and aid workers alike".