Record-Low Black Unemployment Trump Touted Jumps Most Since 2012

  • Record-Low Black Unemployment Trump Touted Jumps Most Since 2012

Record-Low Black Unemployment Trump Touted Jumps Most Since 2012

"African American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded".

"From January to December 2017, the unemployment rate among black Americans fell 1 percentage point", Philip Bump reported in the Washington Post.

Richmond, the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, appeared with other black lawmakers late Tuesday morning to blast Trump for offensive statements and policies Richmond and others contended have hurt black Americans.

The unemployment rate for black Americans jumped to 7.7% in January, up from 6.8% in December, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But attributing the reduced rate to Trump's policies is more complicated.

Always one to constantly remind people of his accomplishments (even if they're not actually his), Donald Trump used his first State of the Union address to take credit for the low unemployment rate among black people in America. He declared that the GOP tax plan, which went into effect last month, was to thank for the overall unemployment rate being at 4.1%, average earnings being up by 2.9% since last January, and 200,000 new jobs having been created last month.

Raynard Jackson, a black Republican operative who focuses on small and minority-owned businesses, is the founder and president of Black Americans For a Better Future (he famously clashed with the TV host and commentator Roland Martin), who said he's taken meetings with the Trump administration.

"We know that it will be more of the same: toll roads, reduced federal cost-share, and giveaways to his wealthy friends in the construction industry", said Richmond. "Words matter. President Trump's racist rhetoric makes the county less safe for people of color by encouraging and emboldening and pandering to those who wish to do harm to others based on the color of their skin".

In taking credit for a drop in Black unemployment, Trump showcased a Black welder's journey from unemployment to a meaningful career.

"You replace "immigrant" with 'Black person, ' and you're talking 1950s rhetoric", Perry said.

The levels of unemployment among black or African-Americans during Trump's first year in office were last seen in 2000.

However, after a divisive 12 months his entreaties to the right of the House seemed to fall on deaf ears.

There are some lone voices who argue the Trump-Bannon vision can work. While Trump was in office, it decreased by one point - keeping up a trend that had already been in place. He responded, "To tell you the truth, probably nothing-probably nothing, just like Donald Trump has done nothing".