North Dakotans 'Go Red for Women' for American Heart Month

  • North Dakotans 'Go Red for Women' for American Heart Month

North Dakotans 'Go Red for Women' for American Heart Month

More information about heart disease will be available in all Sussex County libraries during the month of February.

Men and women across the country will be attired in red sweaters, dresses, ties, scarves, and more to show support for the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women Movement.

You can control some risk factors such as blood pressure, smoking, cholesterol and lack of regular physical activity. "So anything we can do to promote awareness for others that are struggling with a heart condition or aren't as lucky or as healthy as ours".

"As a family physician, I strongly believe that prevention of a disease must be the main focus and common goal of everyone", Akkad said.

Wearing red will do more than bring attention to heart disease. Help the Schliemann Center for Women's Health Education (SCWHE) kick off American Heart Month and "go red" on Friday.

Myth 1: Heart disease doesn't affect fit women Even if you exercise and eat a healthy diet, you are still at risk for heart disease. Through February, 10 percent of the purchase price of their exclusive clothing items will benefit Go Red For Women.

GRAFTON-Still over a week to go before Valentine's Day, yet millions of people all across the nation are going red today, in honor of a greater cause.

According to the American Heart Association (AHA), heart disease has been America's number one killer since the 1900s, minus one year in 1918 when an influenza outbreak trumped heart disease in fatalities.

Area restaurants are joining Christiana Care Health System to celebrate Wear Red Day, Friday, February 2. "Together with the American Heart Association, we encourage more women to talk with their health care providers or pharmacists about their risks for heart disease and how to take actions now that will minimize future risk". You can donate to the Go Red For Women campaign by visiting and clicking "get involved" at the top of the page.