NY state inmates to get free tablet computers

  • NY state inmates to get free tablet computers

NY state inmates to get free tablet computers

DOCCS officials say the tablets will come preloaded with educational material.

Inmates incarcerated in prisons across the state of NY will receive a free tablet, as part of a project to boost education schemes in jail. Inmates will have the option to pay for ebooks, videos and music with their own money.

Anthony Annucci, acting commissioner of the New York Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, announced this week that the state would soon launch the new tablet program, which will grant prisoners access to e-books, music and a supervised email program.

"The contract includes the company providing each inmates a tablet free of charge", the department said in a statement posted on Twitter. JPay is providing the tablets at no cost to the state or inmates, and DOCCS is not taking commissions for the tablets.

For one, both the company and the state stressed that there will be no cost to taxpayers or to inmates for the tablets. There will also be controlled kiosks where inmates can plug their tablet in to send emails to an approved list of recipients.

The tablets will be available on a five-year contract that goes through 2022.

Studies show, the company said, that the more inmates communicate with friends and family while in prison, the less likely the are to return to prison.

When inmates are released under JPay's new payment system, they'll have a debit card they can use at a bank instead of a check that could get lost or stolen, an official said. Officials believe the technology will better prepare individuals to re-enter the community when they leave prison.

The equipment will be provided free of charge by JPay, a Florida-based jail services company, according to the state. It was announced Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018, that all inmates in NY state prisons will receive a tablet computer.