Michigan State Students Disrupt Trustees Meeting After Interim President Announced

  • Michigan State Students Disrupt Trustees Meeting After Interim President Announced

Michigan State Students Disrupt Trustees Meeting After Interim President Announced

A high-ranking Michigan State University official involved in the board of trustees' plan says former Gov. John Engler will be named interim president.

Engler's selection had been expected and was welcomed by allies who said Engler is tenacious, not afraid to ruffle feathers and can steer his beloved Spartans through the tumult. But he pointed to an unspecified report he read in the news stating that it can take sexual assault victims more than 100 days to get a hearing with the university.

Blanchard has been a partner at the Washington, D.C., law firm DLA Piper for the past 14 years.

Schuette also promised that the investigation would not spare any individual or any department within the Michigan State University.

At Business Roundtable, Engler was a top lobbyist for corporate CEOs - many with differing agendas.

But Ingham County State Senator Curtis Hertel says this job is different than being Governor, and he wants a meeting with Engler to discuss the differences. He gained a reputation as an excellent political strategist in his 32 years in the Legislature and governor's office. She said she was "beyond disappointed" with the choice of Engler, citing him as an example of the consummate MSU insider at a time when an outsider is needed to ensure accountability. Engler was selected today following last week's resignation of Lou Ann Simon.

Pero said Engler will listen but not be afraid to make tough decisions - having done so when he first won the governorship and, facing a large budget deficit, pushed through cuts to welfare, state mental hospitals and the arts.

Beekman will serve in the position until February 5 when Engler takes over. "And I think it will be much more attractive in a little while than it might be this morning, so that would be my goal".

It is humbling to accept this interim president position in these hard times for my beloved alma mater MSU. At this meeting we expressed in no uncertain terms that appointing a former Governor with no academic leadership experience as Interim President would not be the best way to heal the wounds of our community in this politically polarized climate.

Nassar was a faculty member at MSU and a doctor for USA Gymnastics, the organization responsible responsible for selecting and training national teams for the Olympics, He worked for two decades with elite gymnasts, in addition to thousands of youth athletes and women and girls who saw him for sports injuries. "You move right away".