Apple halving iPhone X production in Q1

  • Apple halving iPhone X production in Q1

Apple halving iPhone X production in Q1

This is not the first time that price has come up as a factor for poor sales, at least compared to the number of units Apple anticipated selling.

The "Plus" size will reportedly have a 6.46-inch screen and will be sold alongside a smaller 5.85-inch model in a bid to compete with Samsung's Galaxy Note.

The new devices are said to be 5.85-inch and 6.46-inch units. Following a downgrade to an investment recommendation for Sony last week, other iPhone X-related Japanese electronic parts manufacturers also saw their share prices decline. Last year it broke from tradition and released two lines of iPhone, with the more-expensive iPhone X a major redesign on previous years and boasting new features such as face-tracking technology.

The report added to growing concerns around weak sales of the $999 phone, making investors jittery about the company's financial outlook when it reports first-quarter results on Thursday.

Additionally, the decision is expected to affect suppliers including Sony, Kyocera, and TDK, who provide Apple with advanced camera sensors, additional circuitry, and batteries for iPhone X.

Nikkei claims Apple saw a lower than expected demand for the iPhone X over the holiday season in key markets such as the United States, United Kingdom, China, and across Europe. Digitimes Research senior analyst Luke Lin said that Apple is in the middle of developing two LCD devices and two OLED devices. Chang predicted, similarly to Kuo, that manufacturing of the iPhone X could be cut in half in just a few months.

Kuo's analysis seems to be heavily based on Apple's rollout of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X in 2017.

Japan Display would supply about 70 percent of LCD panels for the 6.1 inch iPhone.

According to Kuo, the second-generation iPhone and iPhone X Plus will have an increased 4GB of RAM. The projected weak iPhone X sales are not likely to have a negative impact on the overall growth of iPhone models in the market.

Shares of US -listed Apple suppliers such as Micron Technology Inc edged lower following the report.