Sonos Competes with Apple's HomePod with Their Two Speakers for $349 Deal

  • Sonos Competes with Apple's HomePod with Their Two Speakers for $349 Deal

Sonos Competes with Apple's HomePod with Their Two Speakers for $349 Deal

By contrast, Apple approached speakers in typical fashion: It controls the experience from end to end. It also has seven tweeters and a high excursion woofer.

Though delaying the release of the HomePod is likely to have little impact on the financial results of the Cupertino, California-based tech giant, what might be of concern is the fact that during the holiday season consumers purchased rival speakers and might therefore not have an immediate need for the smart speaker. The HomePod looks like a chunky monkey in pics, but in person it's actually pretty cute, looking like a the Mac Pro's pretty, younger sibling. When it was blasting Ariana Grande at 90 percent volume, lower notes came through clearly, with no distortion.

Apple's new HomePod wireless speaker is now available for pre-order. With AirPlay 2, users will be able to play audio across their HomePods in different rooms. "Sonos One sounds incredible on its own, but the ability to have a stereo pair or have music in two rooms vs. one at $349 USA feels like it's an easy choice for those who truly love music", said Joy Howard, chief marketing officer at Sonos. Even when I wandered behind a piece of greenery, the acoustics weren't discernibly changed.

Sonos makes the kind of high-quality audio setup favoured by your dad available to audiophiles who don't like massive speakers and a tangle of wires.

As this is the first rollout of the HomePod, there will surely be new features added along the way.

The HomePod brags about a huge variety of features. The bass lacked the thump of dedicated subwoofer, but had everything else. The Sonos is one of the best smart speakers on the market, and it's a system that we're already well familiar with.

"HomePod is a magical new music experience from Apple".

One of the key aspects of Amazon's and Google's smart speakers is that they can't add third-party music sources fast enough; it's great to be able to switch from Spotify to SiriusXM to iHeartRadio using nothing but your voice. While the one iCloud account could be annoying if you have multiple people using the device, it's nice that your text messages won't be read aloud if you're not home.

The big catch, music-wise, is that the only music service it natively supports is Apple Music.

A lot of smart speakers in the market also support Spotify playback, the most successful music streaming service now. The HomePod comes in white or black, is covered in mesh, and stands just under 7 inches tall. The devices should be running on iOS 11.2.5 or later to work with the HomePod. Well, then the HomePod with its intelligent personal assistant Siri is where it's at.

The Apple HomePod is Apple's latest home device release. That's hard to say, but there are some ballpark figures to work with.

By launching the HomePod Apple is aiming to maintain the relevancy of the Siri voice assistant as competition from Google Assistant and Alexa heightens.

While Apple starts taking preorders of HomePod in United States, Australia, and United Kingdom, there is still no information when it will be available in India. Whenever you speak the wake-up command, "Hey, Siri", a circular light appears, morphing and twisting in all the colors of the rainbow. Its small, aesthetically pleasing speakers broadcast high-quality audio, using WiFi and an app to keep buttons, dials, and wires to a minimum.

Another reason you might not want to turn on Siri is the fear it's always listening.