Set Sail on a Harry Potter-Themed Cruise This Summer

  • Set Sail on a Harry Potter-Themed Cruise This Summer

Set Sail on a Harry Potter-Themed Cruise This Summer

The river cruise boat fits up to eight passengers in four rooms and contains two decks, a spacious salon and dining room, a hot tub, under floor heating in the cabin and bathroom, a flat screen TV and DVD player and WiFi with limited availability. There will be a visit to Windsor Castle, the British royal family residence for more than 900 years, as well as to a Tudor manor that is regularly used for filming.

Fans will also be chauffeured to Picket Post Close, which doubled as 4 Privet Drive in the first Harry Potter film.

Harry Potter fans can now go on a barge cruise to visit the real-life places that feature in the hit films.

Your next vacation may be a cruise around Harry Potter's wizarding world. Studio - The Making of Harry Potter, where fans will be able to behold the original set, props and costumes. Expo booths will offer the chance to snag limited-edition illustrated and boxed sets of the Harry Potter books and to challenge Potter knowledge and trivia games through Pottermore.

But if money is no object when it comes to magic, the first Harry Potter Magic Cruise takes place August 5 to 11, while the second one runs August 19 to 25. That's a cool stop, but the best parts of this cruise have been saved for last.

There will also be an included Harry Potter tour at the Warner Brothers Studios in London and a visit to Oxford's Christ Church College, which was the inspiration for the Great Hall at Hogwarts. But be warned, the whole boat experience will cost you a pretty penny, actually about $34,000 Dollars worth of pretty pennies.

On the fourth day of the cruise, people will be escorted to the Warner Bros.