Microsoft introduces new privacy tool

  • Microsoft introduces new privacy tool

Microsoft introduces new privacy tool

Also, in February 2017, the European Union data protection watchdogs had that they were still concerned about the privacy settings of Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system despite the United States company announcing changes to the installation process. Microsoft has gotten plenty of heat over the years for being insufficiently focused on the privacy of its users, but it's looking to change that image this year with a new suite of tools to track your personal data.

Increased scrutiny from the European Union and organisations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) led the company to reveal what data Windows 10 collects but now with the new Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer, users will be able to see exactly what data their devices are sending back to Microsoft. Windows Core OS and CShell aim to provide the same look, feel and features for all users. The Diagnostic Data Viewer is a Windows 10 app that lets you search, filter, and review categorized diagnostic data your device is sending to Microsoft.

Product and Service Performance data includes performance and reliability events and information about device health.

Common Data, like the Operating System's name, the Version, Device ID, Device Class, Diagnostic level selection and so on.

Installed applications and install history, device update information. This won't mean you can easily read through the data as it will be presented in a JSON format with little detail as to what the various attributes mean. However, the company is also saying that it will expand the capabilities of the new Dashboard to allow users to delete data that has already been collected. At the same time, a standard user can now make changes to their account's Diagnostic Data levels, even after the administrator has set the original level.

With this, the users will be able to view and search all diagnostic data in the cloud that's related specifically to their device.

Windows 10 is soon getting a new app that will let users keep track of all the data that's being collected by Microsoft from their device.

There is some usage data collected, specifically pertaining to the apps and services you use, but not actual content. Windows may also get data about which applications you install and your device update history. The new release includes improvements to the Windows Timeline, font settings and hotkey.

Again, these features are rolling out first to members of the Insiders program.