Google will let you mute those annoying ads that stalk you

  • Google will let you mute those annoying ads that stalk you

Google will let you mute those annoying ads that stalk you

The mobile browser will be available on Google Play Store over the next few weeks and the newly released browser comes with features like ad prevention and other improvements.

As promised back in September, Chrome 64 finally sounds the death knell for autoplay.

Chrome's improved pop-up blocker stops abusive sites from opening new tabs or windows unless you explicitly click a link to do so.

To switch the feature on, click the green padlock in the address bar and hit "mute website", or head to Settings Advanced Privacy and Security Content Settings Sound, where you can list the websites for which you want to disable audio.

Plenty of sites have videos embedded in them that'll start playing automatically when a web page is loaded or the video is scrolled over. For example, the new tool will crack down on shady "close" buttons that do something other than close a page element.

Reminder ads are advertisements for a product that you browsed for in the past. If they don't, they will feel the wrath of the tech giant.

The new update which comes nearly a month after Google pushed the Chrome 64 beta will take a few days to reach all the devices.

Google launches the stable version of Chrome 64 first for Android phones instead of Mac, Windows, and Linux. It goes without saying that compatible hardware and software would be required to run HDR videos including the Fall Creators Update and HDR-compatible monitor and GPU.

As already known, Chrome 64 brings much-awaited fixes for the infamous Meltdown and Spectre CPU bugs that Google had already promised to deliver by the end of the month.