Apple's iOS 11.3 update will have business chat

  • Apple's iOS 11.3 update will have business chat

Apple's iOS 11.3 update will have business chat

The feature, which will be available to iPhone and Apple Watch owners once the iOS 11.3 update rolls out later this year, stands to completely change how people access and track their medical history and care.

The app lets users chat with a service rep, schedule an appointment, or make purchases through Apple Pay without leaving the app.

The company has released the developer preview of iOS 11.3 to members of the iOS Developer Program.

The new upgrade includes ARKit 1.5 that are compatible with augmented reality apps, creating more immersive experiences.

People will also be able to add a health provider on their phone and import their records directly from the provider to the device. Also, you can see if Apple's power management feature is on, and turn it off if so.

One of the most anticipated features of iOS 11.3 is the option to disable device throttling to save the battery. And even for those who are generally healthy, being able to look up exactly when you had some surgery or what drugs gave you bad side effects in the past will be welcome.

Apple released the first iOS 11.3 public beta on Thursday, just a day after releasing developer beta 1. The health data exchange is facilitated through Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, or FHIR, a set of standards for moving data. If you're an IT executive at a US health system and are interested in learning more about this, scroll to the bottom of Apple's Healthcare page for an email link.

Apple Music will soon feature music videos without commercial interruptions. Now it it easier to update to stay up to date to the most important videos on Apple News with the new video group in option.

If you're on the fence about the iOS 11.3 beta, allow us to take you through the best reasons to install it and the best reasons to pass.

iOS 11.3 will support Advanced Mobile Location to automatically send your location to emergency services when they're called. Apple has released this new update as its beta update for testers.

The News app will also be improved with Top Stores.

With iOS 12 likely a good ways off, it's hard to say what exactly will be included in the update.

The first iOS 11.3 beta is exciting and Apple will add to the list of features with future beta updates.

iOS 11.3 will give the iPhone's camera 50 percent greater resolution, and will support autofocus.