Kyrie Irving Likes Instagram Video of LeBron James Tirade

  • Kyrie Irving Likes Instagram Video of LeBron James Tirade

Kyrie Irving Likes Instagram Video of LeBron James Tirade

However, he was infuriated by the lack of precision and drive in Thursday night's blowout loss to the Toronto Raptors.

James did record a game high 26 points in the losing effort and history has shown that his team will recover once the playoffs come around. Nice win, that's about it.

By contrast, the Warriors lead the league in scoring (115.7 points per game) and three-point shooting (39 per cent).

"At the end of the day the seeds will take care of themselves, I just want us playing ball the right way", said James before the game. You can lose games, but you can't get blown out. So it never stops. "Once again, we're back to the beginning of the season".

Among five-man lineups that have played at least 200 minutes together this season, Toronto's lineup of Anunoby, DeRozan, Ibaka, Lowry and Valanciunas ranks fifth in net rating (plus-16.7).

The Cavs have easily earned the honor of being the NBA's streakiest team this season, and LeBron James is, unsurprisingly, not pleased with the team's recent skid. Guards DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry have been the leaders of this year's team and also have boasted impressive stats thus far in the regular season.

This is not an insignificant achievement. The 33-year-old put on a low post clinic in the opening minutes of the second quarter, connecting on four consecutive shots to give the hosts some much-needed offensive rhythm. While the Cavaliers are still third in the Eastern Conference, judging from the past few performances, they aren't where they need to be.

They're second only to Golden State in the National Basketball Association in net rating. Kevin Love followed up his 1-for-7 night in the Cavs' loss to Minnesota on Monday with a 2-for-8 night against Toronto for 10 points. But that's not to say they're slow. "That will be a deciding factor on how long I play but right now I feel great, so we'll see", James said.

But perhaps the only thing that can soothe the Cavs is getting back in the win column. "It's just been a process of us learning a right rhythm, finding a comfort within it".

"The way Golden State moves the ball, I mean, Cleveland moves the ball well but Golden State is different", said DeRozan. "We're so fragile. I don't know where it kind of went wrong or what happened to switch back, but we've got to try to pick it back up and find it".

Cleveland has lost two primetime games in a row. He missed Tuesday's loss to the Miami Heat, and he is listed as doubtful for tonight's game against Cleveland.

Despite the obstacles facing the Raptors, the team controlled the game from start to finish.

But the Raptors don't have revenge on their minds for Saturday even though the possibility seems decent enough. That would distract them from the process of gradual improvement.