Huawei is victim of U.S. 'trust deficit'

  • Huawei is victim of U.S. 'trust deficit'

Huawei is victim of U.S. 'trust deficit'

It also can not be ruled out that AT&T may have been under pressure from Apple and Samsung to abort the Huawei deal as both companies carry some weight for being the two largest players in the global market.

One of the world's biggest smartphone makers, Huawei had hoped to finally crack the USA market with the launch of the new Mate 10 Pro.

But that won't stop Huawei from selling the Mate 10 Pro online and at U-S stores, starting in February. It should be noted that the letter the news outlet reviewed didn't specifically mention AT&T, but reports of the two companies inking an agreement have been widespread long before this development.

The collapse of the deal coincides with United States politicians expressing concerns that Huawei is a security threat.

Verizon is also under the same pressure as AT&T, according to Android Police.

AT&T has been pressed to give up the deal after 18 US Senate and US Intelligence Committee members have signed a letter to regulators expressing concerns about Chinese companies' engagement in the US telecommunications sector.

What's a poor smartphone maker to do when its latest grand plans for us distribution fall through?

Well, Cambodia might not have its own Wonder Woman but we certainly have super models like Moni Roth, Piya Vega, Sopha Linda, and Chan Kongka to promote Huawei's Mate 10 Pro and they turned up in full force at Huawei's New Year party at Aeon Mall. More big loss is consumers. I think is a quite big loss for us and also for carriers.

"Everybody knows that in the USA market that over 90 percent of smartphones are sold by carrier channels". Gal Gadot will be Huawei's first Chief Experience Officer.

Because of this skepticism, including the US government's rejection of several Chinese deals, Chinese investment in the United States fell to $25 billion a year ago from $50 billion in 2016, according to Derek Scissors, a China expert at the American Enterprise Institute. At the time, Huawei hit out at worldwide "protectionism".

Yet Huawei appeared shut out of the United States six years ago after congressional investigators determined its equipment could be used for spying or crippling the USA telecommunications network, the Journal reported. Despite that, the probe led to a de facto ban on Huawei participating in any telecom projects in the US.