Gardner Meets With Sessions On Decision To Revoke Marijuana Policy

  • Gardner Meets With Sessions On Decision To Revoke Marijuana Policy

Gardner Meets With Sessions On Decision To Revoke Marijuana Policy

Under current law, possession of marijuana is still a federal crime and the federal government can choose to enforce its law however it chooses.

The same day Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a reversal of Obama-era guidelines on the enforcement of marijuana laws, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin set a date for a vote on medical marijuana in the state.

Dispensaries that relied on MA banking lost their ability to process debit cards after MA U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling said Monday that he can not guarantee marijuana operations in his state would be immune from federal prosecution.

After that statement was issued, a bank that processes medical marijuana transactions in many MA and Rhode Island dispensaries made a decision to pull out of the cannabis market.

In addition to asking Sessions to reinstate the Cole Memorandum, Polis is seeking to amend the government funding bill to include the "McClintock/Polis Amendment", which would prohibit the Dept. of Justice from using resources to prosecute those who follow state marijuana laws. They were reminded to continue working with federal authorities and agencies in other states in targeting the illegal trafficking of controlled substances. The nominees, announced on Monday, January 8, include four potential assistant attorneys general in Virginia and Maryland, as well as a USA marshal position in Alabama.

But when Sessions does not like what states are doing, such as legalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana, his commitment to federalism and states' rights vanishes.

While federal prosecutors in some other parts of the country suggested state-licensed marijuana growers and retailers wouldn't be the focus of enforcement efforts, Lelling, an appointee of President Trump, has declined to make such a pledge.

That belief was strengthened by then-candidate Donald Trump's answer to a 9NEWS interview question in 2012, saying that the states should be left to decide marijuana policy for themselves. Tsongas said she has backed the use of marijuana for medical purposes and decriminalization for minor possession. The former Alabama senator and federal prosecutor once joked, according to Senate testimony by a former colleague, that the Ku Klux Klan was "OK, until he learned that they smoked marijuana". Formerly an assistant commissioner of Treasury's Bureau of Prohibition, Anslinger turned to crusading against drugs, particularly marijuana. Both involve the federal government.

On Tuesday, Baker said that any federal crackdown on the state's nascent commercial marijuana industry is a misguided use of taxpayer dollars. It directed law enforcement officials not to interfere with marijuana programs like Colorado's except for when product was leaving states where it was legal or getting into the hands of children.

Eight states, including MA, have legalized adult use of recreational pot.

"Trump had said that he would respect voters' rights in places that have elected to modify their drug laws". The same Sessions who once said he thought the Ku Klux Klan were okay till he found out they smoked pot.