Bannon To Be Interviewed By House Intel For Russia Probe

  • Bannon To Be Interviewed By House Intel For Russia Probe

Bannon To Be Interviewed By House Intel For Russia Probe

But in recent weeks, the House intelligence panel made a request that Bannon testify before the committee.

The session will reportedly focus on Bannon's involvement during the campaign period.

Bannon is stepping down from his post as executive chairman at Breitbart News Network.

The move comes as he continues to suffer the fallout from Michael Wolff's explosive book, Fire and Fury, in which Bannon harshly disparaged several members of the president's inner circle, including Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner.

The June 2016 meeting, in which Donald Jr. and other Trump campaign staff met with Russian lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya, provided evidence of an attempt by the campaign to seek out damaging information on Hillary Clinton from Russian sources.

Bannon's departure from Breitbart marks a stunning fall from power for one of Trump's most influential and provocative counselors on both foreign and domestic policy.

Under strong criticism from Trump and former White House allies, Bannon backtracked from the comments this week, calling his support for the president "unwavering" and declaring: "I remain ready to stand in the breech for this president's efforts to make America great again".

Bannon has tried to explain away his insults as misunderstandings.

President Donald Trump Trump responded at the time by slamming Bannon in a fiery statement, saying Bannon had "lost his mind".

Bannon had previously insisted that he did not need a lawyer because he had not been drawn into the multiple investigations into whether Trump's team coordinated with Russian Federation during the 2016 campaign. The representation does not extend to special counsel Robert Mueller's probe or to Bannon's transition to government and his White House service, the person said. Thirty-five percent said they did not know or had no opinion. Trump's lawyers have previously stated their determination to cooperate with requests in the probe, which has already resulted in charges against four of Trump's campaign advisers.

An aide to Republican Representative Devin Nunes, the committee's chairman, declined comment.

Mr Trump and Mr Bannon began working together in August, 2016, when Mr Bannon joined Mr Trump's presidential campaign to help it enter the final stretch of the election.